Kari Wishingrad

Organizing By Kari
'Clear your Clutter, Shift your Life'

Kari Wishingrad
Office: 707-815-7960
Email: kwish@vom.com
e: www.organizingbykari.com
Facebook: www.facebook/organizing-by-kari
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/kwish

I became a Professional Organizer in the mid 90’s after several friends commented on how organized they found me to be and requested I help them with their clutter. What turned into favors became a profession. I have a natural knack for taking in a space, seeing what can be done to transform it, then relieve it of extra burdens. Trained as a Business and Life Coach, my skills are tuned to listen to clients needs and work with them to address their personal, specific concerns through innovative solutions and actions in a non judgmental and supportive way. I truly believe when you clear your clutter, you shift your life - the ability to move past obstacles and to receive newly is your reward

"Kari Wishingrad is a lifesaver. I can't express how much she helped me organize everything - my home, my finances, my office. She paid for herself many times over by saving me money, redeeming rewards points, submitting long past reimbursement requests... you name it. I'd highly recommend Kari to anyone who is busy or just needs a second set of eyes and hands. She's discreet, mature, and goes way beyond simple organization, making great recommendations as well."
~ Cassandra Vieten, nonprofit CEO President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"You are wonderful!! I'm already singing your praises to everyone I know!! Thanks for being so present, focused and for making it a very fun, liberating experience! I have space to breath and create again. My home is humming."
~ SK, Sebastopol, CA

    • Home Organizing (closets, garages, kitchens, home office)
    • DeCluttering and downsizing: sorting/discarding/donating/sales
    • Senior Downsizing and Transitions
    • Consulting
    • Administrative / Personal Assistant

      Areas served:
      Sonoma, Marin and Napa County