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'Reshaping your physical environment to serve you.'

Erica Miranda
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We live in such a fast pace, demanding world. All we know is GO GO GO! After a long day of demands, all we crave is to slow our minds down and relax, spend quality time with our loved ones. But as you scan your home, all you notice is the clutter that has taken over your life! The place that is suppose to bring you a sense of joy and stillness. How did this get so out of control? Why is there never enough time in a day to get a handle on all this clutter? Where do you even start?

Welcome to Purge & Place! I am so excited to help you take control of your space(s) and start living your best life!

My name is Erica Miranda and I am your Professional Organizer. My goal is to help you live your best life possible, free of clutter. I am your coach, educator, designer, friend and ultimately your biggest cheerleader! I create spaces that give you breathing room so you can enjoy the things that matter most in your life. 

Helping others restore order in their home brings me so much joy. Let’s take control and transform your space (and life!) together!

 "Erica saved my pantry! For two years I searched Pinterest and HGTV binged for organizing ideas for my pantry. As simple as the task seemed I was overwhelmed will all the options and not entirely sure how to proceed. I finally got tired of buying the same products because I couldn’t remember/find what I had. Then Erica at Purge & Place happened. Wow! She made the whole experience so easy. She was quick, efficient, and put in a lot of effort to make sure the pantry was functional for my needs. She gave me a few options, all at different price points, to maximize the space and help me see what I had. I’m so happy with the end result!"

"Purge & Place is so so SO worth the money! I am getting ready for the arrival of baby #2 and couldn't even walk inside the closet inside the nursery because it was stuffed top to bottom with things I should have gotten rid of long ago. Erica had a really ingenious way of getting everything ready to go through, and at the end of only 4 hours my closet was beautifully organized. And best of all she hauled away the carload of things that I had decided to donate."

  • Closet Organizing / Design
  • Kitchen / Pantry Organizing / Design
  • Garage Organizing / Design
  • Virtual Organizing
  • Ladies Night Workshop
Areas served:
Sonoma, Marin and Napa County