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Donna Declutter 
'Declutter your home, your office, your life.' 

Donna Roses
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Donna Declutter, professional organizing in Santa Rosa, offers a gentle yet firm approach to deciding what to keep, throw away, sell or donate. Parting with your belongings can cause emotional stress and having someone help will take away that stress and actually bring joy and relief. In addition to NBOC, Donna is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and affiliate member of the Northern California Realtors Association (NorBAR).

"Thanks so much for giving me back my wardrobe and my closet space--both were in danger of disappearing! Seriously, it is so nice to reach for something to wear and find it clean and unrumpled--I'm very grateful and especially appreciate your managing to finish in a day and leave my already stuffed calendar some unexpected free time."
~Mrs. Gross 

"After years of throwing anything and everything into the extra bedroom/office, I could no longer walk in there to get to the desk. Donna Declutter came in and organized absolutely everything. Its' like my little sanctuary now instead of a big mess. I love the renewed sense of calm in that space."
~Laurie Lynn

  • Clutter control: sorting/discarding/donating/repairs/sales
  • Space design
  • Office and paper management
  • Time management and efficiency
  • House staging/packing for a move/unpacking 

Areas served:
Sonoma and Marin Counties