Start Small - Organize a Junk Drawer

Two simple words...
~~~ Start Small ~~~

Yes, being organized lends itself to being more productive, reduces stress, and saves time, space, and money. When the process of getting organized seems too big, start small.

"If you look at your entire house as one unit of junk, you’ll never do anything
because the job is too overwhelming. Take it one drawer at a time."
~Janet Luhrs

How to Organize a Junk Drawer in 5 Simple Steps

STEP 1 - SET UP - Create your work space- have a trash can, recycle bin, and two empty boxes. One box is for items to donate, the other is for items that belong in another room.  Avoid leaving the area.  Stay focused.  Once you’ve achieved your goal, and the drawer is organized, then you will distribute the rest.

STEP 2 – CLEAR - Empty the drawer completely, dump it all out! Then wipe it clean. 

STEP 3 – SORT - Put like things together, and into separate piles. For example all pens go in one pile, rubber bands in another pile, etc.  When you see everything sorted out, you will know exactly what you have, and then easier to choose where things belong.

STEP 4 –DECIDE - Where does each thing belong? Does it belong back in the drawer, in another room, in the trash, or can it be donated?  Ask yourself these 3 questions: 

*Do I need it?         * Do I use it?        *Do I love it?

STEP 5 – CONTAIN & ARRANGE & MAINTAIN - By putting the things that stay in the drawer into separate containers, and arranging them in an organized fashion, it’s easier to maintain your organized space, and reap its rewards!

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