What does gratitude have to do with Christmas?

“What does gratitude have to do with Christmas?  This is about 6 weeks late!”
That’s running through my brain down to my fingers and onto the computer screen. I could write about more tips and tricks, but tips and organizing methods abound. You can find a lot of magazines with the BEST Tips to Have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER all over their covers.

Here’s the thing: gratitude is a one size-fits-all gift that you give yourself. It’s economical – it only costs a minute of your time here and there. It’s available 365 days a year. Gratitude is always within in reach of your heart and your memory.

Gratitude does not belong to anyone. It is not controlled by billionaires, any religious group, corporation, or government. It’s available to everyone all the time.

Breathe in some gratitude, breathe out some stress. Breathe in a memory, from however long ago or far away, that makes you feel warm. Breathe in your own wonderful self, what you give to others, what you joyfully receive in return.

Give thanks that you can breathe, that you can walk. Be grateful that somebody taught you how to drive a car, tell a joke, make a mean lasagna or dance the rumba. Say thank you to whoever kissed you the first time, to your parents, to your children, to the friend you call when you need a shoulder. Be grateful to the clerk at the store who told you where the batteries are. Be grateful you have things that you need to organize!

Be grateful for the person who told you something painful but necessary. Be grateful that your heart has been broken and mended. Or maybe it is mending as you read this – be grateful.

Ask for gratitude – for living through a tough time and being stronger for it. Ask for gratitude for a mystery that you haven’t yet solved and you continue to pursue.

This is the darkest time of year. We draw closer to one another and feel part of the tribe, the village, the community. Gratitude isn’t for the benefit of others, even though it helps everyone in the vicinity. Gratitude changes us, it has changed me. Gratitude reduces stress and changes how we treat the people around us and how we treat ourselves.

If you don’t celebrate at this time of year, don’t let the hoopla and commercialism turn you off of gratitude. Gratitude is healthy and helpful for everyone. Try it - see if it makes you feel lighter and happier as the end of 2014 comes rushing towards us.

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Hope Your Holiday Season is Full of Wonderful Things!

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