Got Junk In Your Trunk?

Organize your car for an efficient mobile office

ave you looked in your trunk lately? Ask yourself this question:
What do I need on a daily basis?  Then follow these 5 simple steps:

STEP 1            Take everything out of your car.

STEP 2            Sort items into categories:

  • Business / Personal/ Sports / Kids / Pets

STEP 3            Take this opportunity to vacuum and clean your car.

STEP 4            Think about what you need on a daily (and seasonal) basis:

  • Emergency / First Aid Supplies
  • Personal Supplies:
Water / sanitizer wipes / flashlight / hats / sunblock / parking change / cell phone charger / children’s treats, car toys, books / pet poop bags, leash and treats
  • Sports Equipment:
Gym bags / balls / bats / helmets / swim goggles, suits, towels, floats, water toys
  • Business: (Keep mobile office supplies separate and label)
Brochures / business cards / stationery / office supplies / file boxes / briefcase / work materials / sample products / scanner and printer

STEP 5            Get containers to hold each category of items.

Now that you know what is in your trunk
by being organized you:

  •  Simplify your life
  •  Invest in your business
  •  Save time and money
  •  Save gas mileage without the added weight! 

Professional Organizers are able to recommend the best organizing products.  They are experienced coaches and can share their organizing secrets with you and your family. Invest in your business! Call a Professional Organizer today! 

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