Drive Away the Car Clutter

The benefits of reducing the clutter in your car are endless. It may seem like a small thing but science says it is not. What would it mean to you to de-clutter your car and keep it that way?

De-clutter your car &
Your life will go far!


Literally, a well-organized car will help save your life. According to research by Central Contracts (a car leasing company), 20% of UK automobile crashes are a direct result of car clutter. Rubbish can block pedals and prevent braking.

To eliminate your stress
Be gone with the mess!

In addition to the distraction, clutter is dangerous. Fewer items in the car means you will be able to focus your attention and energy on driving, making it more enjoyable and infinitely safer.  Eliminating unnecessary items in your car reduces stress, lowers your blood pressure, and leads to better health. 

Keep your trunk clear,
A treasure may be near!

By clearing the trunk, you will be making room for that last minute Costco run or helping a friend who needs to get to the airport with her (wait for it) 5-piece matching luggage set. There will be room to bring your volleyball set to the beach party or your beach chair to the volley ball game. However you look at it, de-cluttering your car creates flexibility and opportunity.
When your car isn’t sticky,
Your friends won’t be picky.

Car seats coated with crumbs and gummy bears can ruin your passenger’s clothes. With clean upholstery and a bit of vacuuming, your friends are more likely to commute with you, and you are more likely to ask them. Carpooling saves time by taking advantage of the HOV lane, saves money on parking and tolls, and all the while benefiting from the camaraderie and networking opportunities.

The benefits don’t stop with longevity, safety, saving money, better opportunities and relationships. Without all the clutter, you have access to the glove box for stashing things you really need like make-up, sunglasses or a toothbrush. Using a trash bin instead of the floor saves things from flying around when the windows are down and fines for littering. Making room in the trunk provides a space to keep your emergency auto kit. It’s always a good idea to be prepared. 

Take away the fuss
When you organize with us! 

You don’t have to “re-invent the wheel” when it comes to organizing your car. Hire a professional organizer to make it easy and fun. NBOC professional organizers and organizing coaches serve Sonoma County and surrounding areas. For the best value tack the car onto a bigger job of home or office organizing.  We have the experience and expertise to steer you in the right direction. 

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