Why Bother Being Organized

Well… what about that spelunking you’ve always wanted to do, or that trip to Middle Earth? Have you been dreaming about running away to the circus, or sailing around the world? Traveling to England or going geocaching?

Seven Reasons to Bother Being Organized

Being organized:
1. Saves you time
2. Saves you energy
3. Saves you money
4. Reduces stress
5. Makes finding things easy
6. Simplifies delegation
7. Simplifies your life

How, you ask?

  • Being organized saves you time. So you can visit 221B Baker Street instead of wishing you could hire Sherlock Holmes to find your car keys. 
  • Being organized saves you energy. Because spelunking at Carlsbad Caverns is fun and energizing, and frantically running around the house isn’t. 
  • Being organized saves you money. So you can tour Middle Earth in New Zealand instead of sinking your money into a storage unit. 
  • Being organized reduces stress. Because when your stress is reduced you can stop being that crabby, cranky person and be the life of the party. 
  • Being organized makes finding things easy. Because when it’s right there, you can save the hunting for your geocaching adventure. 
  • Being organized simplifies delegation. So while you’re preparing to join the circus, even your brother- in-law can find the clown shoes in the garage. 
  • Being organized simplifies your life. When you sail around the world, you can only take what fits in the boat. 

So there you have it, seven reasons to bother being organized. 

Stay tuned for more articles and helpful hints in the coming months! 

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