How to Choose a Professional Organizer

Hello! Now that you found this article about how to choose a Professional Organizer, let’s take a look back at how you got here and where you can go…

GET READY - Ask and Clarify

Ask * We all need help and it’s okay to ask. We bring more things into our homes than we take out and, as clutter accumulates, it can become overwhelming.  

Dining room table piled high with papers? Clothes draped on chairs because the closets are full? Kitchen counters covered because cabinets are stuffed? Moving and don’t know where to start? Guests coming? Office too cluttered to use?

Maybe you have ended up in the only empty recliner or in a corner of your sofa in front of the TV! Professional Organizers have seen it all and are here to help.

Clarify * In order to clarify what help YOU need, write down a few problem areas in your home with your thoughts and feelings about them and how your life can change with more organization. What are your goals? Share this information with the Professional Organizer whom you choose.

GET SET – Information and Budget 

Information * With more information your first step won’t be so intimidating. Professional Organizers specialize in organizing, of course! Family or friends or community groups, while helpful, may not have organizational skills or have a different idea of what is to be done and have judgements about your situation.

If you haven’t used a Professional Organizer before then ask around or look on the internet to gather information about types of Organizers. Some specialize in garages, commercial or home offices, closets or kitchens but most are “generalists” and are skilled in many areas of organizing. Skill sets, training, experience and personalities vary. Read their Profiles and look at their websites.

Some Organizers are members of groups with a Code of Ethics such as the national group NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and/or local groups e.g. NBOC (North Bay Organizers and Coaches) where you are reading this right now!

Budget * You are investing in yourself and your family. You will save the time you spend looking for things and moving things to find what you need. You will save the money you spend replacing lost items. You will save the stress and embarrassment that is caused by disorganization and clutter!

Consider what you are able and willing to spend on this investment. As a general guideline, Professional Organizers charge between $35-$85 per hour depending on experience and skill set. Some Professional Organizers offer package pricing. (Lower prices don’t always mean a better value.)

NOW GO! – Questions to Ask

Make your first call. Go ahead and make a 2nd or 3rd call until you find the right fit for you. As a group, Professional Organizers are a caring and friendly lot so plunge ahead!

  • How long have you been in business? 
  • What are your skills and training?  
  • How do you charge?
  • Describe your approach to organizing
  • Do you have a written Contract? A Code of Ethics?
  • Will you provide References?
  • What is your Cancellation Policy? 

Your relationship with a Professional Organizer is a personal one.
Hiring one is your choice so if you wish to try one with a different approach
just be honest and ask for a referral.
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Organizing Your Remodel: Make it a Dream, Not a Nightmare

Are you ready to create your dream home? Invest the time and resources now, before the work begins, to ensure the process is fun and rewarding. Take some the burden off your shoulders and consider hiring a professional organizer who specializes in remodel.
Several of the many benefits to getting organized before the carpenters, plumbers, etc. arrive:

  • Reduce overwhelm and stress 
  • Stay on budget and on time
  • Empower your creativity
  • Save money by fewer delays and do-overs
  • Save your sanity and your relationships
  • Make your dream a reality

We’ve all heard the stories from family and friends – the delays, the unexpected problems that crop up, and cost increases. While any remodeling job is stressful, requiring hundreds if not thousands of decisions, it doesn’t have to be the nightmare we’ve all heard of or even been through before!

Working with a Professional Organizer can make all the difference in how your remodel is experienced. Your organizer will set up systems for handling deliveries, receiving and returning samples, tracking change orders and more. He or she can coordinate the timing and overlap of trades people to ensure things get done in the efficiently and in the right order, saving both time and money. They can help you figure out which household items need to be packed away, which need to be available for everyday use, and how to manage in a home that is under construction.

Professional Organizers bring invaluable knowledge of storage options and ideas for getting the most out of your new spaces. In addition, they can point you to many other helpful resources including apps for project and time management, places and services to off-load unwanted items and disposal of recyclables and toxics.

The biggest difference between remodeling with an organizer and without is the reduction in stress. Reducing the stress of remodeling equates to more creativity, more fun and ultimately a better chance of ending up with the house of your dreams. With proper planning and systems in place, much of the stress is avoided and your remodel becomes an extremely rewarding and fun experience. There are people and organizing tools available to make an enormous and positive impact on turning your dream home into reality.

Call a professional organizer today for a consultation and take the first step toward your vision!

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Sweet B Organizing, serving Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, reflects Meghan Bresnyan’s passion for beautifully organized spaces. Meghan’s 15 years working in the apparel industry challenged her to create order within the fast moving world of apparel. As an organizing & productivity consultant Meghan helps her clients to set clear goals and guides them through the organizing process in order to meet those goals. Her calm and patient demeanor help her navigate the overwhelm her clients are feeling from their clutter. Meghan specializes in working with busy moms who want to tame the clutter and restore balance and harmony in their homes & lives.

"I had the extreme pleasure of working with Meghan and highly recommend her to anyone needing help getting things in order. After our initial consultation, it became clear that my business needed more organizing than my closet. Meghan sent me custom prompts to help target my most problematic areas and I was impressed with how much detail she went into. She asked me questions about my business practices that I've never even considered, opening my eyes to a number of small changes that proved immensely beneficial. She communicates with ease, so I knew exactly what to expect with each step of the process. Her approach is all encompassing - we touched on my finances and brand vision, but we also took the time to focus on gratitude and balance. Meghan doesn't just tackle the problem, she is able to set up a realistic plan ensuring future success. After our time together, she followed up with notes of our game plan and set me up with some initial tasks to accomplish. She's already reached out to check in on my progress, and I know she'll be there for any future questions or hurdles I have. The thing that stands out the most to me is how down to earth, genuine, and non-judgmental Meghan is. I was able to trust her after our first phone call, she felt like an old friend I could open up to. I showed Meghan the stuff that makes even me cringe, and never once felt anything but positivity from her. She is someone you want in your corner, I'm so grateful for all of her help!"
"We hired Meghan, owner of Sweet B Organizing to help organize our lives before our 4th baby arrives. We didn't realize the huge life shift that would take place because of hiring Meghan. Our lives feel less stressful and peaceful. Our lives felt cluttered and unorganized before meeting with Meghan. We now have a place for everything, and find it easy to keep everything tidy because of that. It's seriously changed our world in our home. We have more time to concentrate on the things that really matter."

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  • Elfa closet design and installation
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